Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anyone know of aany cream to put aaround outside of nostrils where dry flaky skin is?

I am looking for a cream to moisturize and keep the dry skin from becoming too dry, I can do it nightly if it takes that much effort.

Anyone know of aany cream to put aaround outside of nostrils where dry flaky skin is?
Not a good option for the daytime, but you could try using Vaseline at night. I've had to do this before and it worked pretty well. You might want to put an old pillowcase on your bed if you do try this.

The other thing that I do in the wintertime is use a vaporizer in my bedroom at night in order to keep the humidity level up and minimize dry skin.
Reply:It may sound nuts, but i have found chapstick is wonderful for your nose. It's on chapped/sore lips, why not your nose too?
Reply:If you can get some Rosehip Oil it works great for dry skin. I use it nightly on my whole face. Go to your search bar and type in "benefits of rosehip oil" and read about it. I ordered mine online. It wasn't to expensive and you use a very small amount so it does last a long time.
Reply:take a Vitamin E capsule .Get a safety pin or needle and puncture a whole in it Squeeze it to your finger tip and apply to the affected area a couple times a day It is thick and healing.Alternatively or if it is raw, and you are not allergic, use Neosporin ointment also to the area a couple times a day.
Reply:try melaleuca facial moisturising cream. i had recommended to a friend who is suffering from quite severe ezcema. She has reported fantastic results using it. it's not available off the shelves though as it is marketing thru direct sales. email me is you want more details


Best anti-aging cream for oily skin?

I'm only 20 but i want to start preventing wrinkles from forming. However, I am worried that anti-aging creams will make me break out. Does anyone know of a cream that reduces fine lines but isn't too oily?

Best anti-aging cream for oily skin?
Oil of Ulay
Reply:I suggest u use olay.

Facial cream for dry skin?

i'm 40 years old and still having problems with my skin. once in a while my face gets dry %26amp; itchy and i'm also having breakouts. i've tried several moisturizers like aveeno, oil of olay and clarins but all of them don't seem to work. can somebody suggest a good moisturizer?

Facial cream for dry skin?
Reply:these high class creams will not work because they may be having chemicals in them that may be affecting your skin color or texture or structure.the best way (i am not joking) is to apply yogurt on your face.then leave it to dry for about an hour or two.when you come to India on a tour ask for ayurvedic medicines.India is the best in ayurvedic medicine and seriously you will be looking strikingly beautiful.
Reply:Kiehl's panthenol protein moisturizing face cream works really good. It is enriched with vitamins E and A and Beta Carotene. It works for normal to dry and dry skin types. My face get really dry during the winter and it is also very sensitive but Kiehl's is perfect. I put it on everynight before i go to bed and it works great.
Reply:Try Eucerin. You can buy it at any pharmacy. It should help with both the itch and dryness. They have a few formulations, you can pick the one you feel is best for you.

Another option if you really have severe dryness (more than even itch) is Aquaphor.

Based on what you described I would recommend Eucerin. In addition it is non-greasy and odorless.

As for the breakouts, you can couple this with a salicylic acid face wash (milder, more for prevention) or benzoyl peroxide acne medication (bit stronger, often for treatment).

Some moisturizers seem to cause more breakouts. I have not found this to be the case with Eucerin.
Reply:I have the same problem i was diagnosed with house wifes dermatitis , i use baidec naturals cream good all over and safe for kids, i use it on my face and seems to help heaps
Reply:u need facial cream for dry skin i think u need products more information

Best anti-aging cream for young skin ?

Im not sure when you are meant to start using anti aging cream but Ive heard some people start aging at 21?

Anyone know a good cream?

Best anti-aging cream for young skin ?
I am an esthetician and the number one thing that ages skin is over exposure to the sun. Some exposure to the sun is necessary and good, its the OVER exposure that can literally kill you and age you sooner than you would like. Just make sure you are protecting your skin with a sunblock, drinking lots of water (as does dehydration ages you too) and eating right and taking care of your skin. Getting facials helps too.
Reply:I would have to say Roc and it is always on offer lately which is great as it is quite expensive!
Reply:when you are 40 yiou can start to use anti-aging cream for the wrinkles your kids give iyou. Don't rush your life.
Reply:Get a good vitamin-E cream from the health food store. I use it for all sorts of things, including where skin has dried and cracked, for lubrication in sensitive areas, all sorts of things.
Reply:Use any old cream you like...if it smells good and feels good it is good (mind you that could go for a lot of things). Anyway, main thing is eat well, drink lots of water, and enjoy the way your face changes...that's what life is about!
Reply:sperm has loads of protein and chemicals in it that are really good for your skin. have fun!!!!!
Reply:I think when you're young, it's not necessary to use such products. Why not look after your skin in other ways? For example, ALWAYS take your make up off before going to bed. Also, do a face mask once a week as a treat. You could gently exfoliate your skin every week too. Get into the habit of cleansing, toning and moisturising every day.
Reply:the first thing to do is use sunscreen, always..the sun is 90% of aging, wrinkled skin!! i also recommen Oil of Olay, it is light ,inexpensive and works great...i am 57 and have skin 20yrs younger..i started using it at age 21
Reply:The best kind of cream for young skins, are any which have added sun factor. This will stop the skin ageing too quickly. Most ageing signs are caused by sun damage. you can buy the cheapest cream you can find so long as it has added sun protection
Reply:olay regenerist
Reply:Healthy skin starts from the inside out; take a skin and hair vitamin, get a good night sleep, drink plenty of water, and use a cream with retinol as the main active engredient.
Reply:Hi there try youth and firmness cream by Thalion. its a great cream to start and use at your age, you will feel the skin become firm and any fine lines disappear.
Reply:I'm young too (26) and don't believe there is a time too early to think about skin care, especially anti-aging formulas that maximize the health of your skin. I have had great luck with any Oil of Olay (Regenerist is nice) and Aveno (Radiant Skin w/SPF 15) products - fabulous! As a side note, Neutrogena's Radiance Boost eye cream works miraculously on puffiness and dark circles, and claims to help w/wrinkles. Think probably the most imp't thing would be to find what works with your skin type to balance a nice dewy complexion =) Mine is probably normal-combination (changing w/the seasons) and wear contacts... haven't had any problems! Good luck!
Reply:Hi! As an consultant for Arbonne International I will suggest that you don't really need an anti-aging skin care line until you are at least 30. Arbonne has a skin care line for younger skin called the Arbonne Intellegence. Suggested age is 16 - 30. Arbonne's products are all botanically based and pure and with the Intelligence Line will help prepare your skin for aging....when you do get into your 30's and 40's. If interested, shoot me back an e-mail and I'll lead you to my website and further information.
Reply:It's good to start young most people think they don't need a good moisturiser until they already have wrinkles. I'm 47 and I haven't got many wrinkles at all. A lot of it is down to genes, but don't smoke or get drunk too often, drink plenty of water, always take your make up of at night, never wash your face with soap (get a good cleansing cream) and any moisturisers are good at your age so don't pay a fortune, Nivea is cheap and excellent.
Reply:My office manager swears by the one that Mary kay has out. She bought about 5 tubes of it from me plus the microderm abrasion set. if you want to check it out just go to

What are the benefits of Vitamin E and Vitamin C cream for skin ??

I m not sure about Vit e but Vit c helps support collagen, elastin and ground substance( the strength and elasticity of the skin)

spider lily

I am writing a current events report on a new cream for skin rash. Would this be a topical ointment?

If applied topically it indeed would be called a topical ointment...however, if ingested would cause a current event.

Hope this clears things up for you.

I am writing a current events report on a new cream for skin rash. Would this be a topical ointment?
Very punny.
Reply:yes anything applied to the skin is considered topical

Is there a really good cream , lotion or moisturizer for pubic irritated skin?

Hi girls, I really suffer from irritated skin after shaving around my vagina , anybody knows a really good cream o lotion i can use for this ?

Is there a really good cream , lotion or moisturizer for pubic irritated skin?
that's exactly why many including myself dont shave it itches and breaks out sorry
Reply:ask someone that does waxing what they recommend. Or, stop shaving your pubic hair.
Reply:Hydrocortizone, any creme that has that in it is very good for itchy dry irrated skin, put that on daily and it will work. If its very itchy get a spray for it Anti Itch spray, Benadryl has that.
Reply:Don't shave. Waxing or delipatory (nair) but if you get it all the way down to the skin in any way the growing back is always going to be uncomfortable. Try just going short instead of totally bare.
Reply:Stop shaving and buy one of those little bikini touch razors from WalMart

Any lotion would just be a temporary fix
Reply:Gold bond lotion! I have just tried this for the same reason, and I don't have razor burn. Apply as soon as you get out of the shower and while shaving use cool water and don't get the water hot again after shaving.

I have tried waxing and the pain is terrible!
Reply:Use something like hydrocortisone to soothe the irritation and get rid of inflammation. DON'T use an antibiotic cream in that area, or you risk a yeast infection.
Reply:I would say use some good ol' baby batter , that should work hit me up if you need any !
Reply:personally, i find scholl athletes foot spray is very good at relieving itching and irritation although i`ve never tried it on a shaved area but it might be worth a try. (sorry i`m not a girl but i think my answers a good one)
Reply:Tend skins works wonders,the wax places recommend it. Also google Von Bibber's powder since I sarted using that no more chaffing, it's made with boric acid(just sounds scary but thats used to treat yeast infections these days just dont eat any) %26amp; corn starch.If you look up alot of diaper rash creams Like the Butt paste has boric acid in it.Chk it out for your self